Opinions of the Day: Why isn’t Mkhize held to a higher standard?

Embattled South African Health Minister Zwile Mkhize was placed on special leave by President Ramaphosa but is yet to be found guilty of a crime or corruption in the ongoing scandal surrounding Digital Vibes. But News24 editor Adriaan Basson believes that Mkhize should have been hauled over the coals for a much more egregious offence. How could he not be held accountable for the country’s botched vaccination rollout? Read.

And speaking of vaccinations, Cyril Ramaphosa received a positive response from US President Joe Biden at the G7 this weekend where Biden committed to donating Pfizer vaccinations to South Africa. But does he have reliable partners back home who are able to push home his reform agenda? Business Day editor Lukanyo Mnyanada thinks it might be a tricky path ahead to navigate for the president. Read.  

And Business Maverick editor Tim Cohen is outraged at how little taxes the mega-wealthy are paying. Cohen writes about the revelations revealed in a ProRepublica report where data from the US Internal Revenue Service showed that the 25 richest Americans have paid tax valued at just 3.4 per cent of their total wealth over the last ten years. Read.

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