Opinions of the Day: A bright future for the youth?

Yesterday in his weekly From the desk of the President column, President Cyril Ramaphosa wrote, “Youth Day is a reminder of the immense power and agency that young people have to create a better future for themselves.” Moreover, Ramaphosa added that youth is the greatest weapon in the fight for economic recovery. Read.

Just when we thought we’d seen the back of bad news about SAA, Ralph Mathekga asks a pertinent question: Where was the transparency in the SAA deal that saw the Takatso Consortium take a 51 per cent stake in the airline, leaving the government with 49 per cent? “In the case of SAA and the newly found equity partner, there seem to be more questions than answers regarding the nature of the transaction.” Subscribe to read.

And Matthew Brooker wants to know whether e-commerce behemoth, Alibaba, was a trojan horse for the Hong Kong stock exchange when it opted not to list on the exchange in 2013 and instead list in the US. In 2019, however, it did a second listing this time on the Hong Kong exchange prompting a slew of second listings from US-listed companies. Read.

Here’s a roundup of other opinions online today.

Justice Malala: Why did you wait till SA was on the brink, Mr President? – Financial Mail (Subscribe to read)

Pat Pillai: Forget Stockholm syndrome — we are all victims of Eskom syndrome — the parastatal has captured our speak – Daily Maverick

Niel Roets: Consumers buy cornflakes on credit – Mail & Guardian

Bruce Whitfield: Why companies are ditching useless municipalities – Financial Mail

John Steenhuisen: If you care about SA, join us in fighting Expropriation Without Compensation – News24

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