Opinions of the Day: Where is the vaccine rollout efficiency?

We’re suffering what looks set to be the worst wave of the lot as COVID-19 cases soar in Gauteng with 69% of new cases coming from the province. The death toll could be monumental and the lasting effects on the lives of South Africans will be painful. We’re in a war against an enemy that’s showing no signs of giving up the fight and yet our vaccine rollout plan has been dismal compared to other leading nations. News24’s Mandy Weiner writes that government needs to implement a rapid vaccination rollout plan, reminiscent of wartime efficiency to stem the tide of future infection waves. (Subscribe to read) 

Sasha Planting writes in the Daily Maverick that the business community could learn a thing from the late former Eskom chairperson, Jabu Mabuza. Planting calls for more action from SA business and to watch what leaders and businesses do rather than what they say they will do. She evokes the memory of Mabuza, “He famously resigned from his position as chair of Eskom because he promised the country that the lights would stay on, and they did not. Now that’s accountability.”

And there’s nothing finer in life than sitting down at an upmarket restaurant ready to feast upon a meal cooked by a chef destined to be amongst the culinary gods but over the last 16 months, the food and beverage industry has been economically ravished by the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, Financial Mail’s Sarah Buitendach sat down with nine of South Africa’s superstar chefs as they dish on what their favourite comfort foods are.

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