While you were asleep: R51bn Bitcoin boon turns to bane for local investors

Bitcoin is having everyone on edge. While it recovered from a dramatic rout that briefly wiped out gains for the year a day before, the cryptocurrency staged a comeback.

And as global regulators are stepping up scrutiny of the crypto industry, South African investors saw their boon turn to bane after the owners of their crypto investment platform disappeared into thin air – and with them 69,000 coins worth more than $4bn (R51bn) at their April peak, reports Bloomberg.

Africrypt’s owners, two brothers from Cape Town, allegedly alerted investors in April of a hack attack on the platform and asked them not to report the incident to lawyers and authorities, as it would slow down the recovery process of the missing funds. A big red flag!

In China, crypto miners are fleeing the country after regulators widened their crackdown on the sector. 

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