While you were asleep: Bitcoin heist or hostage – should we worry about the Africrypt brothers?

In a rare interview following the disappearance of the brothers Cajee of Africrypt, older sibling Raees (21) told the Wall Street Journal that the crypto firm’s portfolio was never as remotely as big as the $3.6bn (R51bn) investors claimed to have vanished.

He told the WSJ’s Anna Hirtenstein that less than $5m (R71.3m) of the $200m he and his 18-year-old brother Ameer were managing at the height of the market is missing after Africrypt’s systems were hacked and tokens were stolen.

They’re hiding because they’ve received death threats but will attend a liquidation hearing in July brought by an investor group seeking to recoup R140m (about $10m), he said.

“We dealt with a lot of high-level South Africans, a lot of politicians, a lot of high-level businessmen within South Africa, as well as celebrities,” Raees told the WSJ. “Some particularly very, very dangerous people—that we had not actually known were clients—have started to come out of the cracks.”

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports the mandate of the lawyers representing the Cajee brothers has been terminated. The report didn’t say by whom.

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